Boasting of our weaknesses

Saturday of week 11 in Ordinary Time

Matthew 6:24-34

Unless we rely on our strength, material wealth and power, we shall not see the glory of God.

St. Paul boasts of his own weakness, "For when I'm weak, then I'm strong."  His strength is Jesus alone.

Because we rely on our own strength, we don't have time to serve the Lord in the Church because we are desperately trying to save our lives.  Unless we rely on God, no matter what amount of hard work we inject in our endeavors, eventually, our efforts come to naught.

In the gospel, Jesus challenged those who relied on their own strength and thus end up more anxious with life, asking endless questions like, "What are we to eat?" or "What are we to wear?" It is God who supplies us every gift, even our very own lives

Thus, let us proclaim our own weaknesses; only God is our strength.  Let us change our outlook on material things.  Instead of owning them, let's use them to give glory to God.  Finally, let's place ourselves under the complete use of our Lord as well.


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