Be God's earthen vessels

Friday of week 10 in Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:27-32

Not only St. Paul was trying to strengthen the faith of the Corinthian Church, he was also inspiring us to commit ourselves to do a greater good in the midst of persecutions.  What's the greater good?  To stand up for Christ as earthen vessels that would fulfill their essence such.

We are God's earthen vessels; we are the not the masters of our lives and being.

As earthen vessels these are what we're supposed to do:

First, stay humble.  A humble person would stay faithful to God and exult him above his life.

Second, fulfill his will.  The earthen vessel, under the responsible molding of its master would eventually be fold according to his mind.  All of us have our mission to do, not based on what we want for ourselves but what God wants us to do.  Life is not about ourselves; rather, it's about giving witness to him by our way of life.

Third, we are always pushed to the limits of what we can do.  Christian teaching demands total fidelity to Christ like in the case of today's Gospel, not just in the external act of adultery, but even in the smallest state of thinking about it.  For Jesus commands us to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect.

So, accept the call to be God's humble earthen vessel.


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