Friday of week 14 in Ordinary Time, 1

At the end of the day  Matthew 10:16-23 Movies are crafted so we may enjoy the story and in the ending, we may all be satisfied.  This is also our prayer for life - that we may end up seeing God.
In the gospel, Jesus gives a grim picture of what is to come - a sea of violence everywhere and the apostles and disciples being persecuted.  Such is the world of sin.  A person with a dark mind will naturalize sin such that he would also hate to the core all those struggling to do good.  That's why martyrs are created.
It's the end that really matters.  It is the core of the entire story.  That story is salvation itself and the Good News being preached.
Let's be inspired to take up that challenge to make Good News the theme of our lives.  At the end of our lives the following will be accounted of us:
First, have we remained faithful to God?  This is the core of the Good News who is Jesus and our relationship with him.
Second, have we exhibited compassion and mercy to the others?…

Thursday of week 13 in Ordinary Time, 1

The kind of faith God wantsMatthew 9:1-8 Abraham's faith was tested severly.  God commanded him to kill Isaac.  In the end, God did not allow it.  He further blessed Abraham for his faith.

In the gospel, people brought a paralytic to Jesus.  He saw their faith and cured the paralytic.

Let's reflect on the kind of faith given to us.

First, it is a trusting faith that relies heavily on God.  In the end, let's trust the Lord because his will is absolutely right.

Second, it is a communal faith that relies on the support of the community.  This is how the Church is born.  It is a community of faith.

Third, it is a concrete faith, seen through action and not just prayer.

Reflect:  What kind of faith have I manifested in my life - a trusting faith, a communal faith, or a concrete faith?

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eradicating evil Matthew 10:26-33  In the first reading, evil seems to be found in the very hearts of people who despise the good and wish their end.  But they will reach their own ends while God will emerge triumphant.

In our situation today, it seems that evil is all around us, in Marawi, and in our own hearts.  It seeks to nullify every good we have done.  But in reality, it is leading to its own destruction.  In Tagalog, the word "nagwawala" typifies what evil is: towards destruction, even of itself.

In the Gospel, Jesus underscores the need to have courage: "Do not be afraid. For everything that is now covered will be uncovered, and everything now hidden will be made clear."  He commands us to be steadfast in faith, not compromise it; rather, to side with the truth.

How then do we eradicate evil?
First, be faithful to God.   He creates; he reconciles; he makes whole.  He forgives; he satisfies; he heals.  "To whom shall we go?  You have the words of everl…

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Love! Matthew 11:25-30  As we celebrate the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus we are confronted with a heart that is overflowing with love that we need to cherish, meditate, and contemplate each moment of our lives.  It also reflects the process of our intimacy with Jesus, thus, inculcating his very own heart.

The readings teach us the the various facets of God's love.

First, that in the First Reading, Moses reminds the people on the very reason of God as he choose Israel as his son - it is simply because he loves.

May this remind us to be moved in constant humility in this world; that we have nothing to brag about except being loved by God.

Second, from the Gospel, let us choose Jesus' yoke, for his "yoke is easy and his burden is light."  His yoke is truly incomparable with the yoke of sin.

Third, let us live out God's love in our bodies and souls by loving God above all things and loving our neighbors as Jesus loved us.

God's love truly transforms us; we become …

Goodnews at your Fingertips Blogspot: Saturday of the 6th week of Eastertide

Goodnews at your Fingertips Blogspot: Saturday of the 6th week of Eastertide: What to ask our Lord John 16:23-28 In the first reading, the Church further progressed with Apollos being taught "the Way"; i....

6th Sunday of Easter

Doing the works of Jesus John 14:15-21 We reflect on the development of the resurrection experience in the sixth Sunday of Easter.

In this Sunday, we hear Philip and the apostles doing exactly the works of Jesus like curing the sick and expelling demons.  Easter shifted from the resurrected body of Jesus to the Church where all its members are doing the exact works of Jesus.  The Church now becomes the body of Christ, doing his work everywhere.

This is possible because of the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised, "I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you for ever," giving the apostles and us that assurance that he will stay with us forever.

This is our challenge in the 21st century, to do the exact works of Jesus as in the time of the apostles, instead of limiting our Christian responsibility to simply attending 1 hour weekly masses.  In order to be converted to Christ, we need to use up time as long as the one given to us, talents that we have de…

Saturday of the 5th week of Eastertide

An authentic Church John 15:18-21 The Easter experience continues with the expansion of the Church as Timothy and the other disciples proclaim the Good News even to Macedonia and to the rest of the world.

In this experience, the resurrection of Jesus now resides in people being resurrected from the world to new life in God, including us in the present moment.  This privilege is not given only the Jews, but offered to the rest of the world.  And the institution carrying this is ecclesia, the Church.

Let us deepen the gift given to us when we were baptized and incorporated into the Church, which is universal in nature, "Catholic", reaching to the ends of the earth.

The qualities of this Church are:

First, it is born of the Spirit.  We may be in the world but not of this world, because our life's meaning is now founded on Jesus crucified and resurrected.  We then incorporate ourselves with others who were also drawn from the earth to be with God forever.

Second, because it…