Be God's earthen vessels

Friday of week 10 in Ordinary Time
Matthew 5:27-32 Not only St. Paul was trying to strengthen the faith of the Corinthian Church, he was also inspiring us to commit ourselves to do a greater good in the midst of persecutions.  What's the greater good?  To stand up for Christ as earthen vessels that would fulfill their essence such.

We are God's earthen vessels; we are the not the masters of our lives and being.

As earthen vessels these are what we're supposed to do:

First, stay humble.  A humble person would stay faithful to God and exult him above his life.

Second, fulfill his will.  The earthen vessel, under the responsible molding of its master would eventually be fold according to his mind.  All of us have our mission to do, not based on what we want for ourselves but what God wants us to do.  Life is not about ourselves; rather, it's about giving witness to him by our way of life.

Third, we are always pushed to the limits of what we can do.  Christian teaching de…

Continuing the work of the apostles

Saturday of the 7th week of Eastertide John 21:20-25 We have reached the end of the Acts of the Apostles.  Even though Paul was in chains, he said, "It is on account of the hope of Israel that I wear this chain." And the Good News of the Kingdom of God was proclaimed to all nations without hindrance.

Peter in the Gospel inquired about John, "Lord, what will happen to him?" Jesus rebuked him, "If I want him to stay behind till I come, what does it matter to you? You are to follow me."

We are to continue where the apostles have left off:

First, get closer to Jesus - "Follow me." We have to follow Jesus.  We have to see him more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly "Day by Day".

Second, proclaim the Kingdom of God "without hindrance."  The main hindrance is ourselves, our hesitations, and our sins. Rid ourselves of these hindrance and we shall clearly see the path towards the fulfillment of the kingdom.


"Follow me"

Friday of the 7th week of Eastertide
John 21:15-19 We are nearing the end of the Acts of the Apostles with St. Paul decided by King Agrippa and Festus to send him to Rome to be tried.  We know that he would be judged unjustly to be condemned to death.

In the Gospel, Jesus, after asking Peter, "Do you love me?" and receiving a positive answer, told him, "Follow me." Like St. Paul followed Jesus till Rome,  Peter followed Jesus till he was also martyred  in Rome.  Following Jesus has the following consequences:

First, it starts from love and ends in love - Love is the sole motive for following Jesus whatever consequence it may have on the bearer;

Second, it results in doing God's work on earth - With love as its sole motive, all our actions reflect what God wants us to do;

Third, it gives life to others - Not only does following do good to the person, it also does good to all others loved by God, "Feed my sheep".  This is supreme generosity - to offer …

Be glorified and glorify

Tuesday of the 7th week of Eastertide John 17:1-11  What we have are memories, yet we can imagine Jesus on the road to going up to the Father while St. Paul in on his way to Jerusalem.  The message is in the core of those who are leaving: GLORIFY "to lift, praise or worship".

Glorify Jesus and his works, to attest in one's life the presence of Jesus as the highest honor and respect.

Glorify the Father - to let others know the identity of the Father who is the ruler of all!

Glorify fellow human beings, not in the sense of worshiping but to accord respect and honor to them as children of God; to lift them from their state, to accord them hope; to love them as Jesus loves us.


The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Luke 1:39-56 I will focus my reflection on the Visitation of our Lady with the reality of the "daughter".

Stated in the first reading are "Daughter of Zion" and "Daughter of Jerusalem"; they are commended to shout aloud and rejoice; for what?

First, rejoice in the the daughter's relationship with the Father.   Mary said, "May soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior." Learn to deepen the mystery of our special relationship with the Lord.

Second, being forgiven by Father "The Almighty had done great things for me"; there is nothing in our human lives which is not formed by the presence of God.  Recognize the Father as the giver of life.

Third, responds in love to the Father Mary recognized the work of the Father towards the poor and fulfillment of God's promises.  Elizabeth appreciated Mary's prompt service. Let's be faithful to the mission en…

Creative absence

Thursday of the 6th week of Easter John 16: 16 - 20 As we near Ascension Sunday, Jesus underscores the value creative absence.  It's a kind of skill that focuses on improving the talent in the midst of an absence of a mentor or someone whom we are totally dependent on.

Children improve on their skills on the creative absence of a parent.  Definitely, a faithful Christian perfects his holiness even in the midst of sufferings and trials upon the creative absence of God even though he is eternally present in and with us.

Creative absence is responsible stewardship, like St. Paul who continued to preach the Good News even when the Jews persecuted him.

Creative absence is faithfully living in the presence of God, living holy lives and doing his will till the very end.  They will experience eternal joy in heaven. With full hope, let's rely on the graciousness of God while growing in his grace.

Truth that frees

Wednesday of the 6th week of Eastertide John 16:12-15  Truth may be as simple as ABC.  However, in practice it isn't, especially if a person started a pattern of lies since childhood.  Lies translate to philosophies that bring havoc to orientations of life for example, "Money is the source of happiness."
The readings offer a truth that comes from the resurrection of the Lord. Furthermore, Jesus orients us to the Holy Spirit, our guide to the truth.  So, how do we live in the truth?
First, "The truth shall set us free." Start living a life of honesty.  Stop cheating.  By knowing where we stand, we shall know who we really are and move from there.
Second, know the Lord.  God, even from the creation of the world, continues to be a God or order.  Moreso, Jesus is the only One who resurrected from the dead.  His whole life is a testimony of rising from deaths.  
Third, give witness to the Resurrection.  We have a mission to fulfill: to bring hope to those in despair…