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Mary, model of pardoning injuries

This homily is given at the misa-novenario of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish, Project 4, QC last Nov. 24, 2011.

If Mary were to be the model of pardoning injuries, the best opportunity for her to reveal this virtue is during the crucifixion of her Son, Jesus Christ.  How would one feel if a mother who knows her son through and through as the epitome of goodness would be subjected to the extremest rejection ever?

But she was there, totally present for her Son, with such endurance that nobody else can sustain.  We could only surmise what was in Mary's heart all along - this is for the salvation of the world and thus, she would also endure it as her Son endures it.

But notice the words of our Lord to her: Woman, there is your son (referring to John); Son, there is your mother.  And John took her to his home.  Jesus still calls for a lasting relationship that no other bond could take away.  And Jesus called for the perfection of love in communio - a communion of mind and hear…

What is due to God

Friday of the 33rd week, year 1

Have you noticed what the people thought is due to God in the readings?

All the rites and rituals are geared toward that utmost reverence to the Almighty God, the Lord of Heaven and earth.

Even in the smallest liturgy, one could feel the presence of the Divine, sanctifying the human world and filling it up with His living Spirit.  The world is animated; it becomes the incarnation of the Divine Lord and His love for us.

Have we given to God what is due to Him?  Do our lives reflect the Divine Presence?  Is our involvement in the liturgy and the Church a manifestation of the presence of God? 

Finally, may it be a challenge for us to reflect the presence of God in the work we are in "In Opus Ministerii"  which means, in the work of the Ministry: the ministry to love, to serve, and to adore God.