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Our spiritual side

29th Friday, year 1

"Gusto kong bumait, pero di ko magawa" are the attractive lines of a song sung by a rock band to say that there is something in us that prevents us from doing good.

Actually, the statement may be right considering that there is something in us that desires almost everything, from food to luxury and power.  But there's also another saying that goes "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" to tell us that desires could be insatiable and they are there to bring havoc to us all.

"Who will save me from all of these?" St. Paul asks; and here is the answer: "Jesus Christ!"

Recall when Jesus was born that first Christmas and the angels sang their praise: "Peace on earth to men of good will!"  We are the people of good will.  Our spiritual side enables us to be oriented towards the Divine.  And the reason we are desiring these things is because truthfully, we desire for something that will grant us true and lasting happines…

Are you sure you are saved?

This is a question posed by non-Catholic Christians to those who do not belong to their group.

However threatening this question may seem to be, this also bears the Good news: with Christ all of us are saved!  He sacrificed his life so as to win reconciliation through faith.  God justified everyone who believes in Jesus" (Romans 3:21-30)

This statement marks the universality of faith: God is a God of all and Jesus died for all.  Secondly, it stresses who we are: we are children united under one Lord.  We don't have to go on our own.  We need to insure that all others are receiving the very life we are receiving from God.

So, instead of being anxious whether we would be saved or not, let us utilize all time, talent, and treasure gaining others for Christ until everyone experiences the gift of redemption!