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Thursday of week 34 in Ordinary Time

Liberation Luke 21:20-28  I would like to focus on what is to come: liberation.  What is liberation?

First, liberation is the triumph of good over evil
The trials are nothing as compared with what is to come, the sure triumph of God over evil.

Second, liberation demands personal conversion
Liberation starts with us as we accept the freedom Jesus offers: freedom from sin.

Third, liberation is societal
Here, social conversion and heaven become one and the same.  Let us think of our involvement in the societal change in its quest for true liberation.

Friday of week 31, year 2

Secularism vs. Secularity Luke 16:1-8  It's significant that the Lord will not make an accounting based solely on how we prayed and did our religious practices.

We will have an accounting of our lives on how we've used all gifts given to us, whether spiritual or material.

Too much preoccupation in material things is called materialism or secularism.  This ideology says that only material things matter.

In the gospel, the lesson is not in the corruption of the corrupt steward; it's how effectively he used his expertise of transacting businesses.

The Christian should also know how to deal with the world without being eaten by the affairs of this world.   This is called "secularity".

Secularity is recognizing the good of this world, because they come from God.

Secondly, the goods of this world are to be used for the good of peoples and not for selves.  We will always come to know that accumulation of things has no value in themselves.  They are wasted because we w…

All Saints

Where is heaven? Matthew 5:1-12 There seems to be a dichotomy between heaven and earth.  People on earth are concerned with earthly cares while people of heaven enjoy eternal bliss.
It may be true that there is a dichotomy like for example, people are still struggling to be holy while those in heaven have already reached eternal life.  
But the readings seem to point otherwise.  Heaven is here on earth among people struggling to live saintly lives.  The vision of John regarding the 144,000 was before the angels destroy the earth.  St. Paul also mentioned that we are already children of God but what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed.  And in the gospel, Jesus narrated those who are truly blessed; all they are all in the world.
Friends, we are still in the world.  We are saints in process. The things we say and do now account for our entrance to heaven.  Why must we continue to be lost in the daily affairs of life when we should already be planning and journeying tow…