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Thursday of week 13, year 1

True offering Matthew 9:1-8

We are following the book of Genesis.  The story is about offering.  Even if it takes his son to be offered, Abraham succumbed to God's will.  He said, "My son, God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering."  These words marked the quality of a true offering: it is not the gift that is the core of the offering, but our total resignation to God's will, knowing full well that God provides for all our needs.

In our gospel, Jesus cured the paralytic.  Seeing him in a pitiable state, he said, "Courage, my child, your sins are forgiven."  Total resignation to God also means he cures us in our totality; he cures us inside and out, and not just according to our expectations.  This is also the quality of Jesus' offering coupled with our own - we are cured entirely, from relationships to actual situation.

Thus, when we give, give just as Jesus did and what God has in mind - everything.

Tuesday of week 13 of the year, 1

God's power; God's mercy Matthew 8:23-27
The real live drama of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah reveals the awesome power of God to destroy and carry out justice.

But his mercy also manifested, in his love of Abraham and his brother Lot.  Meanwhile, Lot's wife was not spared as she disobeyed God and looked back, she turned into a pillar of salt.

Jesus also manifested his power over all created things, particularly, the winds and the sea.  Must we continue doubting Jesus?

Two things come to mind regarding God's power:  first, he rules the world with justice and second; he rules with mercy and compassion.

Jesus came to rescue us from sin and death.  Stop doubting God.