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"Blessed are those who heed the word of God and keep it." (Luke 11:27 - 28)
27th week in ordinary time, year 2

There's a saying "Mind your own business." Though this sounds negative, in the business world, you should be doing this in the first place. To mind one's business means to take care of one's affairs, properly manage it, and see to it that it reaches its proper destination.

Our faith all demands that we focus ourselves on doing God's affairs. Right now, the world is a mess because people are doing affairs apart from what God wants. If we devote all attention on doing God's will here on earth, not only do we live eternally, other people will benefit from our goodness.

Learning from the angels

Today is the feast of the guardian angels. Do you know that the reflecting on the angels is tantamount to realizing the presence of God everywhere, in every man and women, and in every situation? These angels guard us, watch over us, pray for us, and lead us to the right path.

A secret to a full life is to do the work here on earth as angels do it. Purify ourselves of every negative thought or intention, do every good deed possible without interruption while staying faithful to the Lord at all times and we shall see the fruits of a bountiful harvest, of people touched by the Word of the Lord and a meaningful existence here on earth. Thank you, dear guardian angels, for staying close to us at all times.

Daily blogs for creative ideas

Thank God I have more time to write blogs and to generate more creative ideas. This time, I hope you can participate in making life creative by sharing your ideas.

For me, I would like to get new ideas of living from the daily gospel and readings. The readings for today is from the book of Job as Job breaks from his silence and starts complaining before the Lord. It is a cry to ask for the sense in every seemingly senseless existence in this world where we fall prey to incidents, accidents, etc.

The only thing for us to do is to hang on to the faith inside our hearts. Yes, there will be sense and yes, there is meaning. The point is not to despair but to hold on. In time, we will understand that Jesus is guiding us all along.

How is the Lord guiding you every step of the way?

The leverage of prayer

“In everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God." – Philippians 4:6
Pastor and author AB Simpson told about an old farmer who plowed around a large rock in his field year after year.He had broken one cultivator and two plowshares by hitting it.Each time he saw that obstacle, he grumbled about how much trouble the rock had caused.
One day he decided to dig it up and be done with it.Putting a large crowbar under one side, he found to his surprise that the rock was less than a foot thick.Soon he had pried it out of the ground and was carting it away in his wagon.He smiled to think how that “big” old rock had caused him so much needless frustration. Not every trouble can be removed as easily as that stone.But prayer is an effective way to handle difficulties of all sizes.Paul told us to use prayer in every situation. (Phil 4:6)
Sometimes when we pray, God dispels difficulty as easily as the sun burns off a morning mist.At other times,…

God says

When the idea is not right, GOD says "No"
No - when the idea is not the best
No - when the idea is absolutely wrong
No - when 'though it may help you
It could create problems for someone else

When the time is not right, GOD says,"slow"
What a catastrophe it would be If
God answered every prayer at the snap of your fingers.
Do you know what would happen?
God would become your servant, not your master.
Suddenly God would be working for you
Instead of you working for God
Remember: God's delay is not God's denials
God's timing is perfect
Patience is what we need in prayer

When you are not right,GOD says,"Grow"
The selfish person must grow in unselfishness
The cautious person must grow in courage
The timid person must grow in confidence
The dominating person must grow in sensitivity
The critical person must grow in tolerance
The negative person must grow in positive attitudes
The pleasure-seeking person must grow in compassion for
suffering people

When everything is a…

Our Lady of the Poor at Banneux, Belgium

4 April 2008, BANNEUX - Let me share with you the joy of being able to fulfill a dream of our parishioners in Western Bicutan, Taguig to see the original place of apparition of our patron, our Lady of the Poor, also known as the Virgin of the Poor at Banneux, Belgium.

The place is almost 2 hours away from Leuven by train and bus, a serene, almost isolated community where our Lady appeared to Mariette Beco, a girl of 11.

I went here on a weekday guided by my friend and fellow Josefino Fr. Rey Raluto. People are not that many as compared with thousands visiting Lourdes. But there is a unique sense of serenity to this place, as we were immersed in a quiet communion with our Lady. In the Chapel of the Apparitions, the pilgrims implore for her guidance and intercession.

Mariette Beco's Home

The culmination of the pilgrim was visiting the "spring" where our Lady told Mariette, "This water is for the sick, for the poor."

For me, to be able to bring the intentions of ou…