God's story of our lives

Wednesday of week 27 in Ordinary Time

Luke 11:1-4

Jonah's sentiments reflect a lot about our human frailties.  We all want to get even; we want justice; we want that our enemies suffer. 

Well, the bad news is - this is not our story; this is God's story.  God chose to save Niniveh and save a people who couldn't understand which is left and right.  We will not get everything we want; rather, we can be assured that it's always God's will that will be followed, and God's will is filled with mercy and compassion.

Instead of being too preoccupied with our wants and desires, opt more to fulfill God's will and plan for all of us.  The Lord's prayer says it all - about adoring God, fulfilling his will, providing us with food each day, forgiving others as we are forgiven by God, and delivering us from evil.

Let our life story be God's story, not ours.


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