Mirroring Jesus' passion

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist 

Mark 6:17-29

What does the passion of John the Baptist tell us about our faith?  Every martyr's death is in communion with the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  We should know the implications of offering our lives as Jesus and John did.

First, is it directly identifying us with Jesus, Son of God, in word, thought, and action.  This is the task of every Christian, to mirror Christ in his own life.

Second, the very heart of Jesus is healing and salvation, and forgiveness of sins.  Have we started thinking of the salvation of our brothers and sisters together with our own?  What lies in our hearts should simply be compassion.

Third, what is the fruit of sacrifice.  What have we actually gained when we think about sacrifice or even offering our lives?  Now, we're entering into the very heart of Jesus' offering of self.  We have entered into the realm of perfect love.

Never think that sacrificing oneself is a wasteful act.  We need everyone to start living a martyr's life so all others may live.  And we start with ourselves.


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