Jesus' legacy in us

11 January 

Luke 5:12-16 

While Christmas season is nearly over, realize that the true legacy of Christmas is just beginning and needs to be nourished.  The legacy is Jesus in our hearts.  in the first reading St. John expounds on the reality of Jesus and how he makes us new creation in God the Father.

In the gospel, Jesus performed miracles that not only amazed the Jews but made them open to the reality of God's healing graces.  True enough, that Jesus' coming signaled the coming of the "year of favor" from the Lord.

Jesus is the new era of our lives. Let us detect that newness in our lives brought about by Jesus' coming:

First, the Spirit

The Spirit gives us the life that we need to live fully, enjoy God's gifts and use it fully to serve others!  Our way of life is changed with meaningful works brought about by our intense relationship with the Holy Spirit that gives us life which we in turn also give to others.

Second, water

Water is for cleansing, healing, and life. This is the usual instrument St. John used for the cleansing of the soul from sin and to prepare the way of the Lord.  Water enables us to be cleansed of all our worldly thoughts, words, and deeds, giving us another chance at new life, this time, with God in us.

Third, blood

Blood is the symbol of martyrs of course, Jesus who laid down his life for our sake.  The blood is adherence or total submission to God's will and at the same time, the symbol of that love that is fully offering oneself for the sake of others.  This stage marks the true effect of Christ, the legacy of Christ's saving act for us.


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