Listen to him!

Friday of week 26 in Ordinary Time

Luke 10:13-16

Job, who sought an answer from the Lord for the misery he experienced, got the response he deserved, and much more, God revealed his true power of being the Creator of the entire world.  How could we question his ways?

In the gospel, Jesus expressed his disappointment with Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum for not listening to his words.

We are called to listen to God not only with our ears, but with our minds and hearts.  Our ears lead us to hear, but our minds lead us to understand, and much more, our hearts lead us to form our lives in accord with the ways of God.  What we learn become part of our values and attitudes, and they translate to behavior, the very action of our lives.

This is our prayer then: first, that we may learn God's ways; second, that we put them to heart; and third, that we may follow him in this journey through life.


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