How to serve God in the temporal world

Saturday of the 2nd week of Eastertide

John 6:16-21

This 14th day of Easter, the office of deacons was established so that the temporal needs of the poor members of the Church would be met while the apostles continue their ministry of proclaiming the Word.

In the gospel, Jesus was seen walking on the waters.

Easter is about the resurrection of the Lord, in body and spirit.  In our case we could experience the resurrection in the integration of human lives with a spirituality that comes from the power of God.  This is called secularity.  It may seem material, but we could recognize God's presence in the world and in way we conduct our temporal affairs - our work, the ways we handle our material possessions, and our preoccupation with day to day living.

Each moment calls us to recognize the immense power of the Lord as the one who gives order to our lives.  He is the one walking above the waters; he is in control of all  created things.

Second, each moment calls us to responsible stewardship which is meant to give life to others, especially the poor and outcast.

Third, each moment calls us to offer our lives to God for the sake of his kingship on earth.  Let's show through our lives that our Lord is God by offering to him all that we have and are.


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