How to heap grace upon grace

Tuesday of the 4th week of Lent

John 5:1-3,5-16 

The reading from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel gives us a clear picture of an increasing volume of water that becomes a river and various plants sprout.  Indeed, it gives us a glimpse on God's power to grant us life and abundance.

In the Gospel, Jesus didn't wait for the water to be stirred by the angel; he immediately cured the paralyzed man.  He is the water that gives us life.

In this 28th day of Lent, let's constantly reflect on God as the source of graces and life.

1. Grace is a reason for healing and well-being.  In Facebook, we can see a barrage on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  But the best healthy life is one that is lived in God.  In following him, we would know how to live healthily.  His will enables us to live a length of days.

2.  Grace is a reason for communion.  The pharisees showed a poor example of rejoicing in the healing of a brother or sister.  Too preoccupied with rules, they forget that God is present in everyone.  They believe that God's graces are only for those chosen at the right time.  Let our relationship with others be inclusive.  Let us rejoice when the community is healed.

3.  Grace builds.  We heard the words: "Grace builds on nature."  This symbolizes the concretization of grace.  But remember, it is also cumulative and development.  It is capable of influencing others toward a change of lifestyle.  It can change the world for good.  Instead of backsliding, let's be more concerned with multiplying graces all for the sake of others and for the greater glory of God.


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