Friday of week 14 in Ordinary Time, 1

At the end of the day 

Matthew 10:16-23

Movies are crafted so we may enjoy the story and in the ending, we may all be satisfied.  This is also our prayer for life - that we may end up seeing God.

In the gospel, Jesus gives a grim picture of what is to come - a sea of violence everywhere and the apostles and disciples being persecuted.  Such is the world of sin.  A person with a dark mind will naturalize sin such that he would also hate to the core all those struggling to do good.  That's why martyrs are created.

It's the end that really matters.  It is the core of the entire story.  That story is salvation itself and the Good News being preached.

Let's be inspired to take up that challenge to make Good News the theme of our lives.  At the end of our lives the following will be accounted of us:

First, have we remained faithful to God?  This is the core of the Good News who is Jesus and our relationship with him.

Second, have we exhibited compassion and mercy to the others?  Would we be interested to insure their ending in heaven?

Third, have we fulfilled our vocation and our mission to proclaim the Good News?

Do all these things and we shall see the Lord at the end of this life's journey.


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