Easter Friday

Recognize Jesus in daily life

John 21:1-14 

It would be nice if we connect the Resurrection experiences of the apostles with our daily life experiences.  These are the usual things that we do, like the usual things the apostles did like fishing.  We are also confronted with the daily challenges like the confrontation of the apostles with the reactive pharisees.  

In the midst of these daily experiences let us strive to do the following:

First, always give witness to Jesus - never lose sight of giving witness to Jesus in a world that tends to forget him;

Second, offer every action to Jesus - whether this be fishing or office work, or school work, never lose sight of Jesus in daily life;

Third, always recognize Jesus in the midst - the apostles recognized Jesus in the catch of fish; the apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, defended the faith from those who wish its death.

Let's strive always to give witness to Jesus even in the ordinariness of life.


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