2nd Sunday of Advent, A


Matthew 3:1-12 

The readings for the second Sunday of Advent reflect a quality that is present in John the Baptist and of course, God himself - integrity.

Integrity is a state of wholeness or completeness.  Isaiah points out a situation where the child sits side by side with a panther, symbolizing a state of peace.  God rules with justice and compassion.  There is life everywhere.

Alas, we are not people of integrity.  We compromise completeness with sin.  We are a divided people according to the PCP II.  How do we attain the state of integrity?

We can only do so if we align ourselves with God's plan and not our own.  God wants everyone to live; we want to live only for ourselves.  By heeding the idealism of God we shall start traveling in the path of righteousness and integrity.

Second, like John the Baptist, let's walk the talk.  John lived in poverty to show to the people to cease worldliness.  If we walk the talk, our children will emulate us, especially our state of detachment from material things and our availability to share our resources with our needy brothers and sisters.

And finally, let's cling to Jesus as he reconciles us to the Father.  Go to confession and receive the forgiveness of God.  But more importantly, take Jesus as the model of life itself.  He shall restore our lives to the state of wholeness and integrity.


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